Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What the *$^#@!!?!

So, I figured I would share my frustration with our shippers. Well, maybe not so much with the shippers, but just the break down of communication with the receiving end. We called again today, and apparently our stiff is still on a boat, and not sitting in the port since the 20th as we were previously told. There are some people that are out on vacation who normally handle the tracking, and the replacements got confused of which container/boat our belongings were actually on.

I don't know, maybe lot numbers are confusing to read?

Anyhow, the staff that normally handles this stuff is back on Monday, when we're supposed to call back. I'm hoping that ship is damn close to docking, or is already here, because I'm rather tired of living like a hobo.

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jen! said...

I'm assuming that you paid for this shipping, and I'd demand a full refund. There is very little excuse for this type of poor customer service!

It once took me twelve weeks to get a four month supply of birth control through mail order. TWELVE WEEKS to mail something from Nebraska. Apparently my last name is more confusing than a string of numbers!