Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You give a mouse a cookie...

So, you don't write for a couple of days, and people seem to get all uppity about it. Well, rest assured my loyal audience, there are plenty of updates on their way! I will do my best to keep everything is some sort of order since I can post my posts retroactive-like.

As we start this trip back through time, even though this post is recent as of today, the next few posts after this one will actually precede this. Now that this is all crystal clear, lets move on.

Starting with the exciting happy news first. Work has been going amazingly well, and not only work, but I have some exciting leads for An Easier Life as well. Starting with Design-PT, I got a promotion to Account Executive, which means I will be in sales and working closely with clients and new prospects. The catch, however, is that I have to dual-wield job positions. I still have to maintain all of my old job responsibilities as a tech until I strike up enough business to wean off of the old position.

Akin to dual-wielding jobs. And heads. Also lives on my work desk.

There is lots to learn, and I definitely have some skills to develop. Especially with leaving voice mail messages. For example, today I was making my first calls and while leaving a message at one of the companies, I lost my train of thought, followed by some silence, followed by me missing the prompt on how to review/delete the message, ending in flames with the half message half awkward silence being sent. Oh S%&T! Right? Well, I promptly called back and blamed it on a phone glitch. Not my smoothest moment, but hey, I call it a newbie mistake.

Sandpaper: Also not smooth.

I did redeem myself, because the next prospect I called was interested and requested more info. Cha-Ching.

The next exciting bit I have to share is the awesome opportunity I have with my personal business. I've been in talks with the management of my apartment complex in regards to them using me as a supplier for a large portion of their office and maintenance crew goods. The complex as a whole is owned by a larger corporation, but if approved, and I get signed in as an official vendor, this will open the door for me being able to sell my services to every apartment complex the company owns, which is a lot. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

On Curry's life. She had an awesome 6-month review, received a nice raise, and feels pretty stable in her career as well. She deserves some juicy kudos too for all the house hunting work she has been doing. Even though the near nightly pursuit of TV shows and internet searches about everything homes and real estate tends to wear my interest thin, I know it will pay off huge when we're ready to buy.

On a final note of not so happy news, which should give you east coasters, and anyone who doesn't live on the latitudinal equivalent of Alaska, the last laugh, snow appeared on the mountains this week, and the short season of Autumn is in full swing. I really love Fall, but the fast approaching winter feels a bit heinous.

While it is hard to see, the mountains are becoming covered in snow.