Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good News here. Good news.

So, I'm very proud to report that Curry got the job she really wanted. About a week ago, she was offered a position for evening shifts at a place called North Star. The pay was okay, the hours were okay, and the work was okay, mostly consisting of group work which isn't really therapy from my understanding. However, on that same day, she was offered an interview from a facility named V of A (I'm clueless of what it actually stands for, so feel free to make up your own and send me some suggestions). This job has much better hours, better pay, and she'll actually be doing therapy which also doubles as countable hours toward her ability to sit for license.

She told North Star she needed a few days to decide due to other offers, and being that she wouldn't have started until February 16th, they were fine with that. So, she interviews with V of A and then we played the waiting game. With no word back from V of A, and nearly a week passing, North Star put on the pressure for a decision. Curry accepted the offer of course, being there was no guarantee from the other job. After going through the formalities of signing some basic paper work, they wanted her to have some blood tests done, etc., that she had a week to complete before the start date. This leaves her hanging on a thread because there was still a chance to get the other job, although it seemed dim at this point.

And then the clouds parted.

She receives a call for a second interview from V of A, and she sold herself F.T.W. (stands for "for the win" for you non-gamers out there). She was of course, ecstatic, and landed the job over someone with more experience due to her excitement and apparent passion for the work.

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jen! said...

CONGRATULATIONS, CURRY!! So proud of you :) Way to go!