Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekends always end poorly because they start with monday

Ahhh Monday. It's at least 6 good reasons to go home and go back to bed already. So, I'd like to express my apologies for slacking off on updating the blog over the past week or so. The start of the new job and trying to get some exercising in nightly has pretty much wiped me out

This weekend was pretty good (regardless of our stuff still not arriving even though we were told it should be here by saturday so obviously someone was just handing out answers and we're calling back today to raise some hell). We did some shopping on Saturday to get out of our barren apartment, and I ate at my first Mongolian BBQ. It's kind of like a mix between a Chinese Buffet and a restaurant where the Hibachi Chef cooks at your table. There's a salad bar type of area where you can assemble meats, veggies, and sauces together in a large bowl that you hand over to the chef. He then throws it on to the very large flat cast-iron type of surface to cook it up fresh for your enjoyment. Its basically really good, fresh lo mien. There's also a small buffet with your typical chinese food, in case you're still hungry.

Yesterday was fun as well. We went to the Sea Galley / Peppermint Grill (sister restaurant attached to the same building) to watch the game. There was a fairly even mix of Steeler's fans and Cardinal's fans, so it created an entertaining atmosphere. The appetizers were good, and we won one of the raffles to be entered into another drawing (which ended up being a pre-raffle for the real drawing; confused? so were we) for a trip to Mexico.

After the game, we trekked over to my co-workers place, who invited Curry and I over for dinner with him and his wife. We had a great feast and played a game called Settlers of Catan after dinner. I played it once in college, and it's a really great back-stabbing strategy game.

So that was our weekend, and now I'm at work on a Monday, instead of where I really want to be, in a bed. I'll have to get pictures of my car and our finished pottery that we painted later this week.

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Brandon said...

I agree that Mondays are bad :( but paychecks are good :)