Sunday, March 29, 2009

Forcing our settlement

Curry and I spend a lot of time on our laptops. Thank God we brought them as carry-ons and didn't ship them, because the latter decision would mean that they would be sitting on the bottom of the ocean or in the hands of Russian gypsies being peddled on some shady street corner.

But I digress.

In anticipation of our belongings arriving, one of the pieces of furniture that I would be needing to buy is a desk chair. We went out looking two weekends back and turned into our own worst enemies. The first stop we went to was Bailey's, which I think may be the largest dealer in the state. We agreed before we left that we wouldn't let ourselves be talked into buying anything, but we failed to account that we may end up talking ourselves into the very thing we were trying to avoid. Upon arrival we found out that the store was having a 20% off sale. Great - cheap chairs! Right?

Turns out that the office chairs they did have were a bit disappointing, but we did stumble upon a 'breakfast nook' which went great with the stuff that we already own and created seating for about six around the table in a relatively small space (huge improvement from the table we shipped that is half the size with only 2 chairs). Bonus added: the seats lift up on the bench portions for storage!

We were pretty much instantly sold when we saw the table, and reasoning that with the sale going on, we should probably look at some sort of couch, sectional, etc, since the futon we shipped is nice, but may not last much longer. After placing our butts over and over again on our final decisions, and taking a break from it all at the Subway next door, we deciding on the plushy and voluptuous chair and a half with autaman (spelling?). Our pieces were shipped last week, and its wonderful to not have to chaff my ass on a metal chair.

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