Sunday, March 29, 2009

ash has landed

Naps - Can't trust 'em. You eat a little mexican at Taco King (don't let the name fool you, this place is amazing), do a little shopping, come back to take a mid-afternoon snooze, and you wake up to Armageddon. Mt. Redoubt has been blowing its top once or twice a day for the past week, but the ash clouds have either been directed away from Anchorage, or when the clouds were over head, the winds kept the ash from falling, until today that is.

We awoke to other residents covering their cars with tarps outfitted with masks to protect the lungs from the glass-like shards of chaos that is volcanic ash. Although ash is very fine, it's very unhealthy; this pretty much ruined us going out for the night. Luckily most of the ash had fallen by the time we woke up, although you could still see the haze of it in the air. To try and stay on top of this problem, since we don't have tarps of our own, we took buckets of hot water to pour over our cars' air vents to try to minimize build up.

**Tip** Don't use a brush or broom to remove ash from a car - it can really damage the paint**

Tomorrow we'll try to find a brushless car wash, but for now, we're watching The Amazing Race online. We love us some internet.

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Casey Root said...

Adam, can you get a little jar of ash for me? That's flippin' crazy! You're in volcano country!