Friday, January 9, 2009

Time to relax

We came to Seward today. Wamer, but windy. Very Windy. Windy enough to offset the fact that it's much warmer. *fist raised in the air in protest* Oh well, it's familiar here from when I came to Alaska on vacation about a year and a half ago. Curry's dad owns a cozy home in a cozy town with probably the best view in Alaska, and I like it here regardless of the windy conditions.

We're actually a day late getting in because Curry had a last minute interview this morning which is turning out to be very promising. I haven't had any call backs myself as far as jobs go, but some more positions did open up with the state so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. If I don't hear anything soon, Jenne (Curry's Dad's girlfriend) can probably get me a job as a Probation Officer. Being a P.O. is probably the last thing I've ever seen myself doing, but the pay is actually pretty good. Also, it would probably have a benefit added in that it would help me become more assertive and less of a pushover in less than amicable social situations. :-)

Anyways, it is nice to finally have a couple of days to relax. I feel that the packing and repacking from place to place is never going to end, but we'll finally be pretty well settled into our apartment next week which will be just about perfect as long as our car arrives someday this year.... I have to add that all this moving around is exhausting. Yesterday, when trying to organize some of the chaos in our place, I hit the wall. I got so tired that I could hardly think. I finished up whatever it was we were doing and I just collapsed in our hole-ridden air mattress. The air cushioned rest was short lived however, due to escaping air and having to ride back to our temporary home where we ate, drank some wine, and passed out.

This will be a great weekend; nothing to do and nowhere to go =D

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