Saturday, January 17, 2009

Seward's Polar Bear Jump

Thing from Fantastic 4
We're in Seward again for the weekend, and it's been great having a real bed to sleep in. The air mattress in our apartment just isn't cutting it, and I cannot wait until our stuff arrives.

We haven't been up to too much the past couple days; we have applied to jobs, ate good food, and relaxed. A fun little event going on this weekend, however, was the 24th annual Polar Bear Jump which is a fundraiser for cancer research. As you can see, those who get sponsored and raise the money dress up for the big plunge, and the whole thing is kicked off by a small parade that goes through the town. Besides the Jump, this has been a pretty chill weekend again. I did get a call Friday for an interview, so I'm pretty excited. I just submitted my resume Thursday night and got the call Friday morning. Hopefully all goes well.
A truck of vikings

Here's the link to the photo album:
Polar bear jump 01-09

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Brandon said...

Was it REALLY warm enough for people to be wearing tank tops?