Monday, January 19, 2009


Yay! The interview went great. It went so well in fact, that I was called an hour after I left to be brought back tomorrow for the second (although more frightening) interview. Today I met with the head of marketing and the company's manager of operations. It was the typical barrage of questions about my strengths, weaknesses, blah, blah, blah, but surprisingly they did have some normal, relevant things to ask. Oh, it just occurred to me that I haven't shared the name of the company. The place is called Design-PT, and they do IT work and standardization of networks for small places of business, namely non-profit and health care facilities.

Tomorrow's interview is the scary one, not because I'm meeting with the owner and president of the place, but because it is the technical interview, and you never know what kind of crazy questions could be asked. Although I feel pretty confident about my skills, I haven't had experience in 100% of the systems they use, but really, has anyone? |:-) I don't like to think so. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed, and hopefully you will be too, that when asked something rediculous, I will be able to weasel my way to an answer satisfying enough to land me this position. It's a small company (40 + employees) which I love, and I'd love to work for this place.

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Brandon said...

Great news Adam! No matter what, just stay confident and calm and what will be, will be. You have great experience and know what you are talking about so don't let tough questions throw you off your game. Just express excitement in learning the things you don't know and confidence in the things you do and you'll be fine!